Final Paper/Project

ITP Core 1 requires a final paper or project. The form of this culminating work is up to you, and can be the sort of term paper you are used to, or be a digital/creative project. All projects must fulfill a few goals.

  1. This paper/project should take one of the topics, authors, or lenses we have studied this semester and demonstrate your understanding of how it applies to digital media and pedagogy your own discipline. Even though most of you do not yet know the project you will pursue for your ITP independent study, think of this work as laying the foundation for it. Maybe you want to think about how the data supply chain interacts with the literary canon, or how Friere applies to science education. Maybe you are interested in game-based learning in sociology, or pedagogical breakthroughs like Shaughnessy’s in theater, or understanding how BIPOCs and women have created digital frameworks psychology. These are just examples! You should make sure that what you take up in this paper/project is important to you and the work you want to do in ITP and your classrooms in the future. 
  1. If you opt for a paper, it should be 15-20 pages (5000-7500 words). The citation style isn’t important; use whatever is appropriate to your field.
  1. If you would like to do a digital project, it is harder to specify exact, quantified expectation like it is for a paper. You are encouraged to consult with Lisa and Carlos to make sure the scope and form are feasible by November 30. The project should approximate the same level of engagement and effort that the paper does, and should be presented in a medium that makes sense for the ideas you are laying out. 
  1. The paper or project is due on December 14. Submit your work using the form below.

As always, Carlos and Lisa are here to consult and support you! We encourage you to make reach out if you would like to talk about your topic and project form. 

Project Submission

  • Max. file size: 128 MB.